Our Services

We are the only crematory in the area that does "on site" cremations with a specially designed retort just for pets.

Cremation-We offer two options:

1. Private Cremation

This is strictly an individual cremation to ensure that your pet, and only your pet's ashes are returned to you in a timely manner.

2. Communal Cremation

A lower cost options for those who do not want the ashes returned

3. Individual Cremation of Animals (Pets)

up to 10 pounds $50
11 to 25 pounds $95
26 to 50 pounds $125
51 to 75 pounds $150
76 to 99 pounds $175
100 pounds and up $200
Service animals (pets) (all sizes – "must provide papers") $50
Communal Cremation (ashes not to be returned) $25
Lyerly Pet Services pickup $100
After hour services (5pm - 9am) $60

  • Urns and other merchandise - $TBD

Payment due at time of need.
Payment options: Cash, Certified Check, Credit Card